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Coming from a small town, Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales, I was surrounded by beaches and pretty buildings as a child. This sparked an early interest in capturing beauty through art, particularly through painting seascapes and landscapes. Studying art in school to achieve A at Level, I left school to pursue a drama career. A few years later, I came back to the Art field to pursue a career  as a professional artist. This worked perfectly with having children, being a stay at home mum and spending many hours painting late at night!  Nine years on, although I was taught Art through a wide variety of mediums, I developed a particular love for painting, working particularly with Acrylics and mixed media, and most recently Watercolours.

Painting brings peace, a sense of accomplishment, and it allows me to capture the beauty I feel so blessed to have experienced. I love how a painting always challenges me, how I can repaint areas or go with an unintended brush stroke to create my masterpiece, allowing hours to pass without noticing! God has blessed me with a talent to share with others and I hope the viewer can enjoy a moment of escape from the present through my paintings.

I have since had commissioned opportunities painting portraits and special places/moments which has challenged both ability and style of painting.

I hope you see why I love art and heck it may even inspire you to request the pleasure of me painting one for you!

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Instagram: rachelrasmussenart

Facebook: Rachelannerasmussenartist

Other places I sell my work : The Nook, Tenby, Victoria Fearn Gallery, Cardiff,

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