Art Course Materials

This a detailed breakdown of what to bring.

What to bring:

‘Good’ Paint Brushes, you can get reasonably priced ones in Hobbycraft and the Range. Look out for offers usually in September and January.

Multi purpose paper. This is to practice acrylic painting techniques along with drawing and mediums.  Good quality paper is essential. Some students have experienced cheap ones from variety stores that don’t specialise in Art materials and the paper feels like cardboard which goes bitty and bobbled when you paint on it!!) so just feel the paper and look at its quality. Again you don’t have to buy the most expensive but I would say,  HobbyCraft or the Range.
An Apron, optional but I always use one. or old tshirt, depends how messy you get!!
A jar
A pallet, you can use a plate or throw away plates, or palette paper sheets, etc
A set of drawing pencils ( or a couple, not essential for the course but can come in useful)

Desk top easel, This is optional but gives you a different angle to work from. Wilkos, The Range, HobbyCraft, The works all sell these.
And finally , Canvases. Please buy some canvases. ( these you can buy cheap especially to practice on. The more confident you get with your painting you can get a little but dearer ones or even stretch your own canvases.) Great places you can get these from is BnM the Range, Hobbycraft, Home bargains, Rainbows discount store, What?, sometimes Aldi and Lidl. I think when painting this is where you come alive! You can get different types of canvas.

Canvas panel board, this is good to put in frames behind a glass or floating in a open glass frame. Box canvas, with a 4mm side frame around the edge, or stretched canvas which has smaller sides 2mm. some shops you can get three canvas’s for £3.99 so have a look.

And finally just to mention, there are great places to buy these things online. A particular favourite is Ken Bromley’s Art Supply’s.

Hope this helps.


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